Are you already using a WorkForce Management software package or are you orienting yourself to purchase WFM software? If so, you can use my expertise in this regard.

In recent years, I have helped organizations of various sizes on various WFM components. From training to implementation of a new WFM package.


As a WorkForce Management consultant, I have gained extensive experience in the field of WFM contact and call centers. This allows me to provide independent advice in your choice of a WFM package.


Has there been a turnover in your WorkForce Management team over the past few years, are there specific functionalities in the WFM package underexposed, or have you purchased a new WFM package? I provide a variety of training courses.


In addition to my NICE IEX and Genesys WFM product knowledge, I can also be hired as a freelance WFM consultant on your WFM team. Are you looking for a temporary planner or traffic manager? Then feel free to contact me for the possibilities.

Health Check

With the WFM Health Check we examine how "healthy" the WFM system, the WFM process and the users still are. The health check can be built modularly as desired.