As a WorkForce Management consultant, I have gained extensive experience in the field of WFM contact and call centers. This allows me to provide independent advice in your choice of a WFM package.

I can help you with:

    • Advice and support for the purchase of a new WFM software package
    • Drafting requirements for a new WFM package
    • Advice on optimizing the use of your current WFM package
    • Advice on optimizing your WFM process
    • (Re)configuring your NICE IEX or Genesys WFM package.
    • The translation of your current business process to the setup in the NICE IEX or Genesys WFM package

In addition to my NICE IEX and Genesys WFM product knowledge, I can also be hired as a freelance consultant on your WFM team.

Are you looking for a temporary staff planner or traffic manager? Feel free to contact me for the possibilities.