Workforce Management

What is WFM?

WorkForce Management, WFM for short, is the key to efficiently estimating workloads and streamlining staff schedules within your company. By using WFM processes and software packages, companies can not only strengthen their control, but also realize payroll savings and achieve higher levels of productivity.

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The benefits of an optimally functioning WFM application

WFM Expert
  1. Central location for viewing employee availability, attendance, scheduled hours and absences
  2. Forecast data and actual data available in one screen for analysis and adjustment
  3. Satisfied employees through work-life balance by taking preferences into account

Which companies are using WFM the most?

Many companies start with a work schedule in Excel. However, this way of working quickly becomes too complex. Moreover, many different Excel files are needed to keep track of all the administration.
A WorkForce Management system can help with this.

A WorkForce Management system is used in a variety of industries. Organizations in these sectors have a few things in common:

    • Many employees
    • High staff turnover
    • The amount and/or type of work varies greatly depending on the day, week, month, season, etc.

Project-based companies also make great use of strategic scheduling through WFM. This is because this system not only takes care of the general work schedule, but also takes into account external specialists that need to be deployed at a certain time.

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